SAP PM/EAM Reporting

SAP EAM/PM collects extensive asset data that can be leveraged to significantly improve Asset, Reliability and Maintenance Management. This data, if used properly, can provide valuable insights in making informed business decisions related to...

Business Challenges for EAM

  • Cannot perform root cause analysis
  • Identifying underperforming assets
  • Handling data quality issues
  • Getting accurate timely information
  • Generating relevant scorecards, KPIs & dashboards
  • Empowering end users

IT Challenges for EAM

  • Lack of time and skilled manpower
  • Combining SAP EAM/PM data with other applications for reporting
  • Keeping up with changing versions of SAP & BI/Reporting software
  • Ad-hoc reporting capabilities

Managed SAP EAM/PM Reporting Services

  • Data quality analysis
  • EDW architecture
  • DW data modeling
  • ETL design & development
  • Information delivery & visualization
  • BI infrastructure management
  • Business analysis & requirement gathering
  • Custom report development
  • Migration to BO/Crystal
  • Reporting for SAP EAM upgrade
  • Report administration

We can help you with issues & functionalities like…

  • Multilingual reporting
  • Sub pagination for reports
  • Custom sorting to meet your printing needs
  • ETL design & development
  • Drill down capabilities by linking multiple reports
  • Report performance tuning
  • Multiple report server configuration


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Reliability & Asset Management - Guidance & Performance System

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