Cost Analysis & Financials

Leveraging EAM/ERP data for Asset & Maintenance "Cost Analysis"

  • asset life cycle costing & total cost of asset ownership
  • cost allocation & charge back
  • downtime cost estimation & monitoring
  • spend analysis for
    • spare parts inventory
    • capital investment
    • tools
    • labor
    • vendor sercvices & SLAs
  • maintenance cost impact on the net profits
  • forecasting maintenance and capital cost for planning & budgeting
  • budget monitoring
  • vendor performance analysis
  • econometric analysis
  • ROAI computation

Decisions based on Cost Analysis

  • all Asset & Maintenance related costing information to make strategic & tactical decisions
  • assess the impact of proactive maintenance on the Cost due to failures & unplanned downtime
  • monitor Asset & Maintenance performance from Cost perspective
  • find balnce between acquisition costs vs. operating costs by understanding Life cycle costing
  • manage Vendor Performance
  • long-term v/s short-term profitability perspective based on Life cycle costing
  • Visibility of Cost factors across organization


Reliability and Asset Management - Guidance and Performance System

Reliability & Asset Management - Guidance & Performance System

A benchmarking & assessment tool


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