Data Analysis as a Service

The ongoing growth of Shared Services models for management functions may provide a better approach for delivering business intelligence. If business intelligence is set up as a corporate Shared Service and combined with the right technology toolset, then many current challenges associated with treating business intelligence as a centralized project can be eliminated or substantially mitigated. It is widely known that organizations can save money and improve service levels through efficiencies gained by a shared infrastructure and support staff.

These and other benefits are common and compelling for any Shared Service; however the greatest value proposition for a business intelligence shared service lies in how enterprise data can enable better business decisions. The strategy of structuring business intelligence as a Shared Service requires solid, fact-based analysis. Once the decision has been made, using business intelligence as a

Shared Service means designing and implementing an organization and technology aligned around a Shared Services framework. Critical framework attributes such as governance, service level agreements, cost model, and the technology toolset should be clearly defined.


Reliability and Asset Management - Guidance and Performance System

Reliability & Asset Management - Guidance & Performance System

A benchmarking & assessment tool


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