Asset Report Library and Reporting

The AssetAnalytix content library is a catalogue of asset data analysis & reporting best practice samples to our customers in nearly every major industry segment over the past 12 years. Its primary objective is to provide customers with a rich collection of customizable reports, metrics, dashboards and scorecards designed for various subject matter areas.

Features of the AssetAnalytix Library

  • More than 600 customizable reports and 500 KPIs for specific needs in critical areas such as maintenance, reliability, asset performance analysis etc.
  • Features multiple tailor-made reporting models designed to focus on solving industry-specific business problems segmented into precise subject matter areas such as APM, Costing, Reliability, Spares Inventory etc.
  • Proven methodology and reporting framework for effective asset data analysis.
  • Content Library guarantees to accelerate the early adoption of analytics for reliability & maintenance
  • EAM Domain expertise derived from actual customer implementation; the pre-built content helps jumpstart report development to address industry-specific business problems
  • Ability to customize our library content for CMMS/EAM such as Maximo, SAP, DataStream, Oracle EAM etc. using any of the reporting technologies like Actuate, BIRT, BO, Crystal, Cognos, Microsoft, Oracle and SAS
  • Support for multiple statistical models & quantitative analysis associated with asset reliability & maintenance based on Weibull, Monte Carlo, Crow-AMSAA, Pareto, Croston, Poisons, Log Normal, ARMA, Exponential Smoothing, ANOVA and IR/Control Charts theories

Benefits of Deploying the AssetAnalytix Library

Content from the AssetAnalytix library is known to generate instant benefits for those organizations that are looking to utilize their asset data efficiently. Our Library content helps to...

  • Create awareness among management, decision-makers, stakeholders and educate end users about domain knowledge
  • Demonstrate reporting best practices and how data can be leveraged to make informed decisions about the assets
  • Accelerate the adoption of advanced data analysis & reporting for asset reliability & maintenance management
  • Achieve measurable outcomes by clearly defining reporting requirements and harnessing your company's CMMS/EAM data and current reporting technologies
  • Enable AssetAnalytix Teams to provide concrete deliverables during customer engagement and reduce time & effort significantly in EAM reporting & BI implementation


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