Utilities are revamping their asset base, modernizing their fleet and moving towards state of the art infrastructure for generation, transmission and distribution. These modern assets are generating huge amount of operational and monitoring data. This data can be leveraged effectively to improve asset reliability, increase service availability and ensure compliance with mandatory government regulations. It is imperative for utilities and their stakeholders to adopt advanced analytics and reporting systems to convert this data into actionable information.

EAM Business challenges for Utilities:

  • Transforming business model to meet increasing demand
  • Managing modern asset infrastructure for Smart Grid initiatives
  • Changing economic and regulatory requirements
  • Maintaining aging infrastructure being pushed to its limits of operational efficiencies
  • Effective workforce management
  • Silos of data in disparate applications
  • Providing easy access to asset data for business and field users
  • Predicting and preventing asset related problems before they become conformance issues
  • Inability to get early alerts of undesired failure leading to service disruption & quality loss
  • Monitoring Performance for timely actions
  • Analyzing risk associated with plant, equipment and critical assets

EAM related IT Challenges

  • Combining data from EAM, SCADA, ERP and other sources for meaningful analysis
  • Managing large volume of data
  • Ensuring data quality & integrity
  • Data mining to explore historical & real time information
  • Architect framework for sustainable data analysis & reporting
  • Develop and implement robust end-to-end solution
  • Managing Reporting, BI &amp


Reliability and Asset Management - Guidance and Performance System

Reliability & Asset Management - Guidance & Performance System

A benchmarking & assessment tool


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