Guidance and Performance Measurement for Your Reliability and Asset Management Journey


Advancing the Reliability and Asset Management Journey is critical to all organizations. To support this Asset Analytix has developed a standardized Guidance and Performance System for Reliability and Asset Management (RAM) programs called RAM-GPS. The system, based on the Uptime Elements Framework, assesses program implementation and adoption and monitors program performance and impact on a regular basis.

RAM-GPS in an assessment and performance measurement system built to:

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Questions the RAM-GPS Can Answer for You

  • How is my organization scoring in all the RAM elements?
  • Is the RAM progressing and maturing?
  • What impact is RAM making in my organization performance?
  • How are the various sites performing in comparison to each other?
  • How does your organization measure up to other industry?
  • Is competency development making a difference?

Advantages of RAM-GPS

  • Benchmarking Performance Benchmarking Performance
  • Measure adoption and implementationMeasure Adoption & Implementation
  • Continuous ImprovementContinuous Improvement
  • Standardized Performance IndicatorsStandardized Performance Indicators
  • Facilitated and Verified AssessmentFacilitated and Verified Assessment
  • Data-driven PlanningData-driven Planning

RAM-GPS Genesis

A Virtual Special Interest Group (vSIG) of industry practitioners, SMEs and Asset Analytix developed a performance measurement framework of metrics and industry standards to assess an organization’s level of Reliability and Asset Management adoption and implementation based on the Uptime Elements Framework. In collaboration with the vSIG and, Asset Analytics created the web-based application and assessment system making this work available to the asset management community.

  • Downtime Downtime
  • ThroughputThroughput
  • Cost-UnitCost/Unit
  • Domain PerformanceDomain Performance
  • complianceCompliance
  • turnoverTurnover
  • SafetySafety
  • Performance TrendPerformance Trend

Discover the Potential of the Reliability Asset Management - Guidance & Performance System