Webinar Recordings

  • EAM Data Quality Assessment for Analytics Readiness 5th Oct, 2017

    Focus on: Why EAM data quality matters?, How to combine disparate EAM data sources and assess quality, Building sustainable Data Quality Program

    Presenter: Sunil Kamerkar, Principal, Asset Analytix

  • Maintaining Aging Assets of Water Utilities with Data Analytics 21st Sep, 2017

    Focus on: An organization's EAM Plan and strategy, It's preparedness to deploy data analytics, Benefits of data analytics to manage ageing assets

    Presenter: Joel Sendra, Principal Consultant, Asset Analytix

  • Back to Back two webinar of 20 minutes each on Leveraging Analytics for Asset Performance Management and Work Management 12th Feb, 2015

    Companies know that they need an EAM in order to keep track of their asset data, but they fail to understand the power of analysis of this data and how it can leverage asset performance management and work management.
    Please watch these  2 webinar together in one video to understand how Analytics can be leveraged  for Asset Performance Management & Work Planning & Scheduling :
    Key Take Away:

    • Align maintenance strategies with business goals
      • Manage performance gaps, understanding systemic problems /trends
      • Ensure plant level Up-time, Quality & Throughput
      • Communicate goals with all the stakeholders
      • Define and monitor KPI’s
    • Improve workflow efficiency
      • Efficiently plan and schedule your work orders
      • Manage aging work orders
      • Improve labor utilization
      • Understand planning & scheduling compliance
  • Improving Asset Data Quality to Utilize CMMS for Analytics Driven Maintenance & Reliability 20th Jun, 2014
    Session Content:

    Hidden within your massive volumes of complex, varied asset data are the keys to higher productivity and greater plant efficiency, improved up time and increased business performance. To unlock these benefits it is important to realize how quality data can impact organizational goals & corporate sustainability.

    Key Takeaways:

    During this session, Senior Consultant from AssetAnalytix will discuss:

    • How to monitor asset data quality
    • Steps to improve asset data quality
    • It will discuss challenges faced in entering good quality data and how to overcome those.
    • Understanding use of analytics for utilizing good data quality to benefit informed decisions & drive business performance
  • Webinar on Maximo Data Analysis and Reporting 20th Feb, 2014

    Learn How to drive business benefits from your Maximo Data Watch this 45 minute informative session to unlock CMMS Data for Effective Asset Reliability & Maintenance Management!!!

    Session Content: How to get insight into solving business problems related to asset performance, workorder management, PM, PdM, failures, reliability, costing, spare parts optimization, EHS Compliance. Strategies to utilize Maximo data for operational reports, metrics, KPI's, dashboards, scorecards Reporting technologies options like BIRT, Actuate, Crystal, and Cognos & MSRS for Maximo Key Takeaways: Learn strategies to utilize Maximo data to make informed decisions, understand problems and areas of improvement for Enterprise Asset Management Learn data analysis & reporting strategies for Maximo Learn how reporting technologies like BIRT, Actuate, Cognos, and BO/Crystal can be used with Maximo

  • Webinar on Analytics for Effective Maintenance Planning & Scheduling 22nd Aug, 2013

    Join this webinar to learn how to:Efficiently plan and schedule your work orders for effective maintenance process, Ensure timely availability of parts, Improve workflow efficiency by managing WO backlog, Understand what KPI’s to be defined for planning & scheduling

  • Analytics driven spare parts management for effective reliability & maintenance 16th May, 2013

    View this webinar to learn: How to analyze data for making inventory related decisions, how to analyze data to identify key items for maintaining high level of reliability and simultaneously optimizing inventory, how to increase store room efficiency by kitting

  • Key Performance Indicators – Strategic Lever for High Performance 13th Dec, 2012

    By viewing this webinar you will be able to understand the capabilities of generating right KPI’s to align the operational performance with your business goals.

  • Webinar on Maintenance Cost Analysis 11th Oct, 2012

    The webinar on "Maintenance Cost Analysis" will provide insights to make strategic & tactical decisions related to the cost of asset maintenance by leveraging data captured in the CMMS like Maximo & SAP PM.

  • Webinar on Asset Performance Management 19th Jul, 2012

    Webinar is focused on how analytics can drive Asset Performance Management to align & monitor all the activities & outcomes related to enterprise assets operations, maintenance, reliability and engineering with the organizational goals.

  • Webinar on Analytics for Effective Spare Parts Management 17th May, 2012

    Proper planning and organized approach towards spare part inventory is one of the important components to frame out a successful asset management program. The down time of an asset gets prolonged when the required part is not available at the time of maintenance or repairs whereas overstocking the spare parts leads to increased carrying cost.

  • Webinar on Analytics for PM Rationalization, Failure & Reliability 5th Apr, 2012

    Webinar focuses on how condition data, inspection data and various other data sources can be leveraged to analyze failures and optimize PM and learn the process of grouping or sorting the failure modes for each component so that task duplication can be easily identified and eliminated. Failure modes that should be addressed, but are missing, can be found and added to the list.

  • Webinar on Analytics for Planning, Scheduling and WO Management 1st Mar, 2012

    CMMS manages large amount of work orders which if not analyzed properly can become challenging to prioritize, plan and schedule work orders. Besides this, informed decision making demands insights in to availability of assets, labor, materials, tools and contractor services…

  • Webinar on Maximo data analysis and reporting for asset reliability and maintenance 31st Jan, 2012

    The webinar focuses on strategies to utilize Maximo data for operational reports, metrics, KPI's, dashboards, scorecards and techniques to overcome challenges like PM compliance, workorder backlog, labor utilization, failure analysis and repair and replace decisions…

    At the end of session you will learn techniques to make informed decisions.

  • Webinar on SAP EAM/PM Data analysis and reporting 17th Nov, 2011

    The webinar focuses on issues related to EAM data analysis, Data driven solutions for EAM business problems for SAP EAM/PM, SAP EAM/PM data analysis & reporting strategies …

  • Webinar on Generating KPI's from CMMS 26th Aug, 2011

    The webinar focuses on how to define KPIs to get insight into solving business problems related to Asset performance, Asset Life Cycle, Failures, Reliability…


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